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A little about us

The women who run Black Lavender Marketing.


Born & raised in Florida, Paige has spent most of her adult life in Georgia, Oklahoma, and now Wyoming. She is an avid reader and mother to four beautiful children.  From her extensive book collection to her wild & free outlook on life, Paige spends her days surrounding herself with community and nature. The ability to create awareness about hidden gems in the community sparked joy for Paige & when the opportunity to turn her passion into a business arose she did not hesitate. 

"Put yourself in the way of beauty" -Cheryl Strayed


Rachel on the other hand has not gotten too far from their home town. She went to school for Marketing at the University of South Florida (Go Bulls!) and has worked helping multiple companies build their brand & grow their business. It has always been a dream of Rachel's to build a business that not only conveys her knowledge in the field, but also her love for community. Working with her sister by her side was all the convincing she needed to start something new.

"I'd rather take risks and challenge myself in pursuit of something that lights up my soul, then take the easy route and spend each day draining in instead."

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